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I have been so up and down and all around. Two days ago and most of yesterday I was extremely hypomanic, then crashed (emotionally) on the way home from visiting my sister and sobbed uncontrollably for about half the trip. SIGH. No reason other than the crash from the hypomania. Fortunately Patrick was driving. Today I was back on the high end of my mood spectrum, so we got gussied up and went out to indulge my craving for attention in a safe fashion.

We went to a store called Otherworlds in Edmonds, and it was amazing! So much steampunk stuff, I nearly had to lie down. Sadly I was unable to find a suitable tophat or blouse, but I did find some amazing earrings. I tried on a bunch of hats, and they all looked awesome (I am a hat person), but were too expensive. After we came home, I worked on some more art. Pictures are below:
Before we went. 10% off if they like your outfit! That streak is our mirror being dirty. Sorry.
Clockwork earrings I got there. Super light and they actually turn when you touch them!

I know these are probably repetitive for y'all, but they are oddly cathartic for me.
And by the way, that isn't a break in that one curve. There was evidently some lint on the canvas, as I discovered after looking at the picture. I wasn't inclined to retake it, so apologies for that.

As Maurice Herzog so memorably said, "There are other Annapurnas in the lives of men." Indeed there are. My Annapurna is madness. 
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