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I think I figured out how to take flattering pictures of my own feet

You must lie on your back, feet in the air, and photograph them from upside down. This sounds complex, but it's really quite simple. I have the feeling the reason it works better has to do with the light being different when shooting upward instead of downward, along with having gravity working in your favor (pulling your bulk down and away from the objects of your photography, as opposed to the usual state of affairs). I took two pictures and edited them differently, as I enjoyed the look of sepia with regard to my tattoo, but was unable to clearly illustrate the true color of my toenail polish with that filter. I am very picky and precise today! I wrote today's three pages on my 750words account just a few minutes ago, and I am feeling particularly verbose as a result. I still find the data gleaned from my writing to be fascinating. It will be even more interesting when I have more than three days' worth of statistics to compile.

We managed to do some yardwork today as the weather finally cooperated. I succeeded in weeding by using my body weight to pull the weeds instead of my back muscles. I'd grab a handful of weeds and sort of fall backward onto my heels. It worked well and definitely minimized the pain I had to deal with. Patrick heroically mowed our incredibly overgrown lawn, after going to pick up the mower from Sears. As it turned out, the carburetor was faulty, so they rebuilt it and didn't charge us a dime. I love warranties. I'm very grateful to him for dealing with what was rapidly turning into a gluttonous horse's paradise. We'd nearly reached the point of having sort of waves in the grass, as if the house were floating upon a green sea. It was getting just a touch ridiculous, Constant Readers. I am no longer struck with intense shame upon returning home and beholding our lawn.

As it is now time for our dinner before we head down for Patrick's rehearsal (I am accompanying him since I'm sick to death of not being able to see him - thanks, Tacoma Opera), I will leave you with some pictures of my fabulous toes. I sincerely hope none of you reading this are of the foot-hating persuasion, so as to avoid feeling creeped out by the aforementioned photographs. If indeed you are, my apologies.

Stormy Weather Toes I
Stormy Weather Toes II

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