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Art in progress: Tree in the Garden of Good and Evil [updated]

Obviously I'm not done. But this is what I'm working on tonight! I picked up some new markers, paper and a set of French curves (only used for trunk of tree, all else is freehand). While I do this, Patrick is practicing the guitar. Happy early Christmas, darlin'. (This might not have been clear before: the guitar is Patrick's early Christmas present. We picked it out together yesterday, along with a strap, case and book.)

As usual, click for the larger/clearer version
After another hour or so of work, my hands are tired!
That'll be it for tonight. I can only do this for so long before I start making mistakes. Fortunately when you're using Sharpies, most of those errors are easily correctable, but I don't want to make ones that are not! I'll update this post when I do more work on the tree. Have a good night, everyone!
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