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Tea from the Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls

Last Saturday I acquired a new tea container, and I love it. It is excellent for those times when you need tea on the go or are (like myself) at work and without a small 2-3 cup teapot. For its inaugural brew on Sunday, I decided to try the Asylum tea which had only recently arrived.

Notes about Basil's Brew: A delicate, soothing, and invigorating blend of Chinese Silver Needle white and White Peony teas, American Peppermint leaves, and Chinese Wild Chrysanthemum flowers.

I steeped the tea repeatedly as I finished each cup, and managed to get three good brewings out of that single batch. Impressive! A lot of teas are only really good for one steeping, and then they're just so much soggy yard waste. If you try some, be aware that it does have a small amount of caffeine, so if you have sleep issues you may wish to reserve this tea for morning indulgences.
Four o'clock! Time for tea.
Unbrewed Asylum tea
Basil's Brew on its third steeping. Love the flowers!

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