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I don't normally wear very much makeup, so I'm not used to being unable to rub my face any old way I please. I suppose I could do that now, but I'd look like the Joker after he got hit by a truck. I have black dots today, which are pretty cute, but they keep rubbing off near my neck because I'm wearing a shirt with a collar. SIGH. The things one has to consider. I am however quite matchy-matchy. I have red boots, black stockings, black-and-silver skirt, red shirt, black sweater, black dots, red lipstick, black coat, red scarf. ;)


That elaborate tree-ish design thing I mentioned in the last post might have to be a weekend sort of deal. The regular drawings on paper or canvas literally take hours, and I can't fathom getting up at like 4am to do some bullshit like that on my face. Plus it would be HARD. Really, really hard. It's hard enough trying to get dots instead of smears. Eyeliner is not the easiest medium to decorate oneself with. And anyway, one accidental brush of my hand and poof!, there goes all that work. Plus I'd have to look even weirder than usual for the rest of the day.

On the up side, this stuff comes off almost magically easily with Almay's makeup remover. Once I didn't actually own any makeup remover and had a bunch of crap all over my face that I could not scrub off for the life of me, so I read somewhere that you could get it off with olive oil and proceeded to smear that on myself, then rub away until it finally came off. I told my sister about that later, and she looked at me with horror and said, "You did WHAT?!" Evidently this is not something usually done. I guess it helped having dry skin. Nothing bad ever did come of it.

I've decided that my hair does not photograph well when up. As far as I can tell, it looks cute enough in person, but photographs make it look lumpy and strange, like an ill-appointed wig. I was going to post a picture of myself so you could see the black dots, but I've decided I hate this picture, and I can't figure out a way to take a better one just now. So you will get to see the dots when I manage to improve on this. Somehow. Stupid hair.

Really, though, basically just imagine black dots instead of the blue. And smaller. There you go.
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