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The deluge approaches...

And I am so excited! I cannot wait to be downpoured upon. It's been ages since we got decent rain. I think I read somewhere that the last recorded instance of significant precipitation this summer was back in July. That is mad for around here.

I may go all Natalie Portman in V For Vendetta. Except without the shaven head and sackcloth.
We were originally planning to go visit a corn maze with my sister and her husband next Sunday before seeing Frankenweenie, but if there's flooding and/or downed trees, power outages, and whatnot, we may either postpone the whole thing or just go for the movie and dinner. Depends on what the storm looks like. We have rain gear for hiking, so it's not a matter of getting wet, but if the weather is too bad we don't want to get stuck down in Olympia or have the poor kitties be all alone in a dark house with no heating if the power goes out. We shall see. In the meantime, more rain pictures to get us all in the mood for what's coming!

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