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  • I love fall. I can start to break out my zillion-scarf collection again!
  • My friend Autumn pointed out some disturbing signs on Aurora the other day. One said, "Psych drugs are bad", and the other said "Psych drugs are bad for kids." Stuff like this really depresses me. Sure, psych meds are bad for you when they're wrongly prescribed, but so is blood pressure medication. For some of us, psych meds save our lives. And sometimes kids need them, too.
  • Silent Hill: Revelation is coming out in about a week! I'm sure it will be kind of awesomely terrible. I am equally certain that I will see it anyway. Although to be fair, the previews actually looked pretty good. So maybe there is hope!
  • The advent of October rain (YAY!) also heralds the yearly reactivation of the gym membership. We have rain gear for hiking, but sometimes you just get tired of being out in The Soggy, you feel me?
  • Tonight is my single night of Patrickness this week. The man has got rehearsals every other night with the Tacoma Symphony, so I am rapidly working my way through the book pile we brought home from Powell's back when we went down to Portland. Good thing Stephen King writes giant novels. I'm currently working on Insomnia, and I am loving the Dark Tower references!
  • Thanks again to my parents for that fabulous electric blanket. I can't tell you how much I love it. There are no words. The cats add their appreciation as well.
  • I hope y'all like the autumn-ization of this blog. The misty green seemed a little out of place with the piles of leaves everywhere outside. Halloween's in two weeks! Can't wait.
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