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I'm better today.

Patrick, being the knight in shining armor that he is, whisked me away to Cannon Beach, Oregon last weekend, and it gave me much-needed relief from all that horrible anxiety. The trip was complete with the world's biggest bookstore, ocean, trees, a fireplace, wine, seafood and chocolate. Everything a girl needs! Powell's, the bookstore, fairly shell-shocked me. My brain just didn't work for ages after setting foot in there. It was amazing, like having been given a horse tranquilizer (I'd imagine). I got to see a bunch of interesting works, like one from the year 1480 about Jewish history by Flavius Josephus, translated into Latin from Aramaic and Greek, a signed first edition Hemingway (The Sun Also Rises? I can't remember.), and a signed first edition Huckleberry Finn, among many others. Crazy.

During the trip I managed to both somehow break the temples of my sunglasses (without so much as scratching the lenses?!) and lose my credit card, but we canceled it immediately and it ended up being found by some nice couple who Googled me and found my folks, called every number they could find for me, and so forth, then were thoughtful enough to cut it up when I asked and text me a picture to show they did it. If you happen to be reading this blog, Aaron and Alissa, y'all are awesome!

Here are pictures from the trip and when we got home. Evidently everything in the house decided to try cheering me up by blooming. As always, click for larger versions.

Panoramic taken while sitting on our porch at Cannon Beach.
I feel like I'm inside an inspirational poster.
Viewpoint before Cannon Beach. You can see it down there, straight ahead.
From our porch.
Wandering along the beach looking at tidepools.
Sunset from our little cottage.
Honeybee I rescued. He was stuck in the watery sand near the ocean's edge. I fished him out, dried him off, and put him here. No creature should ever have to drown.
Getting close to sunset at Cannon Beach.
Panoramic from viewpoint before the beach.
Panoramic of Cannon Beach, OR.
Viewpoint before we got to the beach.
Spooning chocolate with cream, milk, and a chocolate mousse at the Cannon Beach Chocolate Cafe.
Christmas cactus getting ready to bloom.
Croton blooming! These flowers creeped me out the first time I saw them.
Hibiscus about to bloom! First time in 6 years...
Lipstick plant blooming! I've spotted 17 flowers so far.
Detail of lipstick flowers. None of these plants have any idea what month it is.

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