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Our toilet is leaking... must be the holidays.

Here we go again. Although maybe this time it isn't exactly the same problem... Two nights ago, just after a shower, we noticed water on the floor between the toilet and the wall. I was not pleased. It seems like we just had to have the plumber come out, but really it's probably been a year or so. Anyway, the water was clean. I mopped all of it up and we flushed a couple times, but nothing more appeared.

Yesterday was no shower, and flushing the toilet made no water turn up. I was starting to think that somehow when I'd been watering the plants it had... I don't know... run down through the chunk of wall even though I couldn't see it and was coming out down on the bathroom floor? Grasping at straws here. When Patrick noticed it again this morning, we discovered that it only happens when we use the shower. We suspect it's the wax seal that needs replacing, and hopefully the landlady's son can come fix it tonight or tomorrow. I guess it's their flooring that's going to rot if he doesn't, but I'd prefer not to have a bunch of our towels sogged up with excess toilet water. Ick.
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