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Dear god, I am so old.

I must be. I was just reading this Cracked article about various types of costumes, and I am the Grown-Up.

I've spent most of today thinking about how tired I am and how I can't wait to go back to bed. This was not helped by people telling me both that I look tired and that I look like I'm getting really sick (I'm not, this is just what my FACE looks like, people.) I have nowhere to be tonight, and I wish I was wearing a sweater...

I didn't even get into a costume for work today because I have to take the Widget to the vet afterward (she has a cold), and it was pouring, and I just... couldn't. No energy. Still wiped out after the Great Patrick Asthma Adventure, I guess. Or maybe it's these pills? I don't know.

Anyway, I tried imagining myself going to some Halloween party. I got there and had a beverage and then I guess I imagined a really shitty party or something, because my imaginary self got fed up and told the fake partygoers that they were all stupid and a waste of my time, and then stalked out. So that was a bust.

Even imaginary me is crotchety. This is the END, y'all.

Next step is Depends and worrying about bingo wings flapping around in my muumuu when I play bridge with Ethel and Maude next weekend. /facepalm

Happy Halloween, you kids.
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