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We are so incredibly Halloween-y up in here.

On Sunday Patrick and I went down to Olympia to visit my sister and her husband, and since it wasn't storming (like it was supposed to be, I feel so cheated) we went to a corn maze, made dinner, and then saw Frankenweenie! That movie was very cute, by the way. I love Mr. Whiskers. I think he and Weird Girl are my favorites.

MISTER WHISKERS! I love you. Weird Girl is my hero(ine).
Anyway, I took some pictures of the corn maze. It was fun. I'd never been in one before, and I liked the sweetish warm air wafting down the cornrows. Corn is an amazing windbreak, I must say. The map wasn't exactly accurate, but we managed all the same, thanks to the good direction sense (and map-following skills) of our men. Kim and I mostly followed along and made snarky puns involving Monty Python's Holy Grail.

Children of the Corn! Oh wait, no. Just us. And some dirt.
This corn was much taller than myself.
This makes it look warm and inviting, which is a lie. It's October. It's not warm.
MOAR CORN. This was taken from standing on top of their rickety wooden bridge thingy.

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