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Sketches 5 and 6

Sketch 5
Sketch 6
I was going to add more to Sketch 5, but then I decided I liked it rather spare. Patrick had a curious impression of it, that it was musical in nature. As if, instead of regular notes and guides such as cresc. and rit., you could write music graphically the way you wished it to be played, complete with flourishes and swells. I like it. That's the great thing about art. It speaks differently to everyone.

I have sort of a vague idea about what to do with all these little bits and pieces. I think I'll get a nice big chunk of canvas, paint it blood-red, then glue these little sketches all over it in a gridlike fashion, with red showing between them. It should be really striking, actually, with many tiny black and white abstracts on top of the red background. I'd do one massive piece in this much detail, but the thought is overwhelming. These little ones are manageable, and I can envision doing a lot of them for cathartic reasons that I later turn into a singular piece.

We shall see how it goes. I also have all these little easels, so I'll probably end up buying a lot more tiny canvases and using those for the ensemble piece while keeping a lot of these still on their own displays. The Widget doesn't care as long as they don't start invading her lounging spot on top of the piano.
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