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TMI - Say it with Song

1. Describe your or a lover’s penis with a movie title.
This is too easy –
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
The Forgotten
The Lost Boy
The Incredibles

2. Describe your pussy or a lover’s pussy with a movie title.
The Swamp Thing
Forbidden Planet
Paradise Lost
Our lips are sealed
Highway to Hell
Land Down Under
3. Describe your last sexual encounter with a song title.
On the road again
The Fast and The Furious
Lip Service
Bring on the Noise, Bring on the Funk

4. Describe your body with a song title.
Waisting away in Margaritaville
Smells like Teen Spirit

5. Describe your sexual appetite with a book, song, or movie title.
Hungry like the Wolf
Only the Lonely

Bonus: Recommend your favorite sexy, sensual or kink oriented book.

I learned the word “Orgasm” from Logan’s Run.  I read it and asked my mom what it meant.  She said, “it was a good feeling two people got when they were together physically”  Boy was she right.

I read “The Godfather” several times for a few key passages and learned that a woman’s vagina changes with age.  Since I didn’t know how it started out, I didn’t get it, but, according to the book, the right doctor can tighten it right back up.

I’ve read excerpts of 50 Shades and found it boring. 

I masturbated constantly to my mom’s art books, page after page of beautiful women, exotic, nude, romantic, painted in exquisite detail, women that made me love art and my own hand in equal measure.
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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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