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I have a cello! [updated]

It was ready today, so Patrick grabbed me and we went to go pick it up. I am so excited! I've emailed a teacher about lessons, and hopefully I can begin as soon as possible. The cats are going to wonder what on earth I'm bringing home...

Update: So. I finally got home about 9:30pm tonight. I heard back from the teacher around 4:45, and it turned out he was leaving for Italy on Saturday, so he wanted to know if I could come tonight or tomorrow. He promised to give me enough stuff to work on until he was back on March 10, and he wasn't kidding... This lesson lasted from about 5:20 until nearly 9pm. I am SO TIRED. It was a really good lesson and I learned a lot.

He seems like a good teacher. Now for the Hey Guys I'm Strange part: after I left, I was completely emotionally overwhelmed. New place, new person, new instrument, holy crap so much information, all alone, no dinner.... As I was walking to my car in the cold, I felt so alone and lost. I had sort of the beginnings of a panic attack, but that transformed into this totally pointless and sporadic uncontrollable sobbing in the car on the way home.

I had NO reason to be upset.... It was a great lesson and he's a really nice guy. We got along just fine, and it was fun! I even made a pretty sound on the cello. Yay! I'm just like GAH too much new stuff all at once. Patrick was in Tacoma for his rehearsal, so I texted him and let him know what was up. That poor guy is so patient with my weirdness. I had to pay for a quarter's worth of lessons up front ($60 per hour lesson, 13 of them), but it's not like we couldn't handle it, after we got the tax refund and all. I think I was just so freaked about all the other new stuff that I lost my shit and cried like a slapped baby.

Fortunately said shit was held together until I left! It's a good thing my new teacher thinks I'm fairly normal... Hopefully he will continue to believe that lie. I'm wearing my new Fight Like A Girl t-shirt, and I am FINALLY eating dinner, so I am going to finish that up and go tuck my damn self in bed. I think I have earned some sleep.
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