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TMI Tuesday - Top 5

What are your five (5) most memorable/amazing sexual moments?
You may simply list them or elaborate on why they were so memorable.
Bonus:  What is one quality you appreciate in a lover?

This is kind of fun. I like the idea of taking a walk down memory lane. Above these will have already been covered in my blog and if I have time I will link to to the longer story, others may not be. I also think there is a difference between memorable and amazing. There are some things I remember very well that were not amazing in the good sense. And I have had some amazing sex that blends into a wonderful continuum sex with my wife, even though some of them are in the past. But these may not be ranked in perfect order from top to bottom, I will tell you they were all.

Well, this is hard to pick.

But let's get out a quick list and then we'll see what happens after that.

In no particular order…

1. Fingering Diane in the front seat of her car.
2. Making Caroline cum in her dorm room while she talked to her mom on the phone.
3. The first time my wife sucked my cock.
4. The first time I went down on my wife as she stood by the front door of her apartment,
5. Undressing Kristen for the first time.
6. My first kiss.
7. Masturbating so many times in one day that I almost ground a whole penis.
8. My first trip to a strip club.
9. My first trip to a Canadian strip club.
10. The first time I made Cynthia cum on the Bell Tower lawn.
11. Fucking my wife on our wedding night. A first time for both of us
12. Having Scarlet tell me just how to touch her to bring her pleasure,
13. My first kiss with JD

Lets not forget about my on-line friends
14. My first time on-line with ____
15. All day in the hotel room (on-line) with _______
16. Pictures of the wet-spot from ______
17. Eight orgasms for _____ and three for me (on-line)

And the phone!  Don’t forget the phone!
18. Overlooking the beach
19. While she drove to work
20. On the couch
21. Sitting in the parking lot before going into the gym
22. In the server room

So many wonderful friends and memories over the past years, months, weeks, days?  J

So how do I cut out 17 of those just to get to the top 5?  You are killing me Larry!  How do I pick one friend over another, both of whom still read my blog? How do I pick last week’s over last year’s? 

OK, I’ll give you 5 with some short answers, but it’s hard to pick (pun totally intended)

My first time on-line with ____
We met almost 4 years ago, found eachother’s blogs, made each other laugh.  I hinted, she told me I had to be direct, so I told her.  “I want to watch you cum.”   She forced me to say the words, to stop hinting, to be bold.  “Cum as if I wasn’t watching, but let me see your face.”  She did, and I can still remember it now.  Gasping, breathing, not an inch of skin shown on camera, but eyes that still kill me when the sun shines through her window.

All day in the hotel room (on-line) with _______
She was at a professional conference with a light schedule of seminars, no presentations, and time to kill.
I had conference calls that didn’t need my attention, an open Skype line, and all the time she wanted.
Do you know that Skype can keep a call open for hours at a time if the connections are good.
Do you know how wonderful it can be to spend a day watching each other?
I will never forget it.

Pictures of the wet-spot from ______
She and I don’t talk anymore but she was one of my dearest friends until I said something, many things, to hurt her feelings and she finally got fed up with me and left.  She was generous with her beauty and taught me the power of words.  While she shared many images, my favorite was of a dark blue patch on a light blue bed sheet, created minutes before her husband arrived for dinner.

8 orgasms for _____ 3 for me (on-line)
“I can’t cum” she once told me.  Let’s just say, we proved her wrong time and time again.
On the couch
She has a couch in front of her fireplace, a door that closes tightly, and children that sleep very very well.
The recipient of many of my voice mails, it is the sound of her pleasure ringing through the phone that makes me want to give T-mobile more and more of my money each month, because it is worth every dime.

I can’t ever pick just 5, but 5 is a good place to stop.  5 wonderful friends who are dear to me in many ways besides those listed here, and to those who are not on the list, please don’t take offense, I wish the list could go on and on……

And, the bonus question can be answered in one word:  Enthusiasm.  Pure and simple, just show me you enjoy it as much as I do and that you enjoy it for yourself.  That’s all I’ve ever wanted.

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