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Panic and stress and anxiety, oh my!

I do not know what my deal is lately. I think these pills that I take do help with the nightmares, but they don't seem to do jack for the every day anxiety, and that has been really high lately. I've had two more panic attacks since the one that Patrick took me to the beach for, one last Wednesday and one yesterday, and they are mighty tiresome. Literally, as you are exhausted afterward. Even being out in downtown Seattle yesterday with a moderate amount of people milling around was starting to freak me out.

Maybe it's just that time of year? Maybe I have a huge source of unrealized stress that I don't know about? I'm not sure what it is. Usually I can point to specific events that are the cause of actual attacks, but I don't know where this constantly heightened anxiety is coming from. I wish I did. Since it's the time of year to return to the gym, we'll see if that helps matters any. Honestly, I doubt it. I woke up at 6:30am today and couldn't get back to sleep because my brain wouldn't shut up. Maybe it is just time for a wave of anxiety and it will go away in a little while, the way those nightmares and depression used to come in waves and then recede.

In better news, I tried some solid shampoo from Lush, called Trichomania, and it seems to work great in my hair! Solid shampoo is a weird idea for me, but it works. You use it basically like soap, but on your hair. You get both the bar and your hands pretty wet, then smoosh it around in your hands until you have about what would be considered slightly too much lotion for your hands. Then work the shampoo through your hair. Trichomania feels really creamy and smooth in my hair, honestly better than the conditioner! And it smells great, but then I love the smell of coconut.

This is shampoo. Who'd have thought?

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