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Back pain, ad nauseam (plus bonus octopus piano)

Hi, blog readers! I thought I'd let you know what went on with my appointments. At the doctor's office yesterday, he thought it was a rhomboid muscle injury. So he prescribed muscle relaxers, Vicodin with Tylenol added, and physical therapy. I took the meds last night, and they knocked me out.

This morning I went to physical therapy, and it turns out that my right arm isn't working correctly. It has about half the strength of my left, and it fatigues way too quickly. There appears to be something wrong with my tricep.

I'd also been having my hands go numb when sitting up reading, and the last two fingers on my right hand go numb when using a mouse/keyboard for too long, along with nerve shocks up my right arm. I laid off the video games, and the two finger numbness/nerve shock business stopped. The numbness from reading continued.

The therapist thinks it's a pinched nerve. They put electrodes on me and did some electrical muscle stimulation, along with heat, and I'm supposed to rest, take the meds, do stretching, walk a bit to increase blood flow, and have three more physical therapy appointments. She did a bit of massage as well to try and loosen it up.

Afterward, my back was screaming, so I just went home and took more meds. They'll probably knock me out again soon, but I wanted to let you know what was going on. I hope this gets resolved with meds and therapy. I really don't want to have more surgery.

According to the therapist, 90% of nerve pinching cases are resolved without surgery. Watch me be the 10% who needs it... It's the family way! hah

When I feel better, I'll post pictures of this stuffed octopus-covered piano I saw yesterday. It's fascinating.

Update: pain is down enough now for the pictures to be added. This piece was titled Octavia Rises, and the pictures are in pretty high def, so if you can't see them clearly on here, right click and save, then open using your own program. Enjoy!

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