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Mmmm, good smells

I smell like karma and lust, y'all. Or at least what the Lush company thinks they smell like, which is pretty damn good. I got the solid perfume version of these when my sister and I went on our little excursion last weekend during the one tiny window of feeling decent that I had. The tubes basically work the way lip balm does, except you push up instead of twisting up, and you smear them on your skin instead of your lips.

I liked both of these scents individually, but put together they are heavenly! Main scents in each that I can discern are:

Karma - Patchouli and lavender (there are other good hippie-smelling scents here but I can't pick them out)

Lust - Jasmine (lots and lots of jasmine!), sandalwood and rose

Mmmmmm. Smeared together on your skin they make you smell like a tropical garden. Lust may not be for everyone, as you have to really like jasmine in order for it to not overwhelm you, but I love it.
See? Kind of like Chapstick. The atomisers are more expensive.
Patrick loves it too. ;)
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