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I have a cold, and I'm NOT happy about it.

I don't think I would ever be happy about having a cold, but in this case I'm particularly pissed off. The last of our new hiking gear just arrived, and I really wanted to go for a hike this weekend, but I couldn't even open a tightly closed bottle at work today without stopping to rest in the middle of my efforts. My body is that out of it. I'm doing that stare-off-into-oblivion thing, and it's an effort even to compose a coherent blog post. Ugh!

I was really confused a couple times last night. One was when I'd gone to sleep and then woke up to see the light on and Patrick playing video games. I don't know what I thought, but suddenly I was all, "What's going on?!" Poor Patrick. Maybe I thought there was a video game apocalypse. Or it was suddenly the middle of the afternoon in August. I don't know.

The other occasion was when I'd woken up around 7:45am, and my alarm goes off at 8. There was enough light outside that I could see it through the blinds, but damn if I couldn't figure out what the blinds were. I have horrible vision without glasses, and my brain was so clogged up with snot and such that I just stared at the blinds for about 2 minutes trying to figure out what they were and why there were lines of light between each one. Sigh. This cold is turning me into an idiot.

I finally got up and dragged myself in to work, Patrick in tow, but I can't wait to go back to bed. So out of it. I hate you, sickness. *stares blankly at the wall for a while*

In other news, I want THIS (see below):

The model is the lady who makes them (I think...). Except with different colors, primarily red, blue, green (all in jewel tones since pastels look insipid on me), and black. Maybe some white and grey, but I'm not sure yet. I want it to look like stained glass. And I want a slightly different hood, done in their Faerie Queen style (long tail down the back).

Sadly it is expensive (as most things I want are), so I must save up for a long time in order to buy it. I tried to get Patrick to not buy me Christmas and birthday presents last year in order to feel like I was saving up for it more. He kind of listened. Sort of. Not really. He got me an awesome umbrella. Oh, and these neat hair dye thingies, purple and blue. I will try to take a picture of what it looks like when I use them when I'm feeling better, if I don't screw it up. I tried doing it the other day and ended up with blue snot the next morning. Apparently the color gets aerosolized pretty easily...

I want to wear that Dream Coat (that is what she calls them) whilst carrying my mad Tim Burton parasol and having blue and purple hair. It's a good thing Patrick knew I was nuts when he married me, or this all might put him right off...
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