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  • I was going to wear my awesome new fascinator today, and I even brought it with me, but halfway to work I decided I felt too tired and ill to deal with being stared at and poked by curious humans, so I left it in Patrick's car. I'll wear it when I feel like I can better handle the extra attention.
  • The neighbors next to us have this infuriatingly perfect-looking Stepford house and yard, so I was delighted to see that their current lawn ornament, supposed to look like a rustic homage to western wildlife, got sort of angled incorrectly and now appears to be a rusted-out buffalo taking a dump on their front lawn. It's the small pleasures, you know?
  • I finally managed to rid myself of this bag of junk from the attic I've been driving around in my car for approximately a month. I wanted to throw it away but I didn't want to get arrested for illegally dumping it, and we only have one 32-gal garbage can removed per month, so I had been looking for a good place to throw it away. I found to my surprise that I could cram it in the can for this month's collection, so I'm very pleased to have that gone. Just 350 more pounds of loft stuff to go! Sigh.
  • This cold at least isn't in my lungs, which is a good thing, but it is making my sinuses feel like they're stuffed with cement. I can't wait until this crap is gone. SO tired of being sick.
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