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Photography in Ballard

Patrick and I went to Root Table for dinner this evening. It's a very small sort of Thai fusion restaurant in Ballard. I love their bathroom. It's down a bunch of stairs and then inside this creepy little hallway made of cinder blocks. It has such possibilities! I had to take my phone with me and channel my inner artist. Here are the pictures I came up with:

Ghostlight - keeping the darkness at bay

Bloodied Stairway - climb up alone, or not at all

Glow - a light in the darkness, but a price tag is attached

Grasping For Light - so close...

Let Me Out of This Cell - clawing toward the light

I Can Feel The Wall Breathing Underneath My Palm - in and out, with a heartbeat and life all its own. This prison is alive, even if only in my mind.

Let Me Out - if I could rip these bars apart, I know I could run out into the light. But I'm so very tired...

Ornamentation - metal rods decorate the end of the passageway

The Way Out - sometimes all you have to help you escape are your own two hands

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