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I dragged myself in today

I've never been stoned, but I'd imagine this is what it would feel like. I feel dumb as a post and kind of useless, but I'm trying! Stupid cold. I've got stuff to do, so no more days off for me. It's okay, though. I will manage. My throat began getting sore last night, and I still feel exhausted. Hopefully the doctor will help me out today, although more likely he'll tell me it's a virus and I'll end up having to wait until it gets really bad before they do something about it. That's usually what happens. I will ask about the shots, Mom, so don't worry! :)

I'm too out of it to write much more, so instead I will leave you with a picture of Gurgles playing Catch The Ribbon with my sister's dog Kitan (I'm mediating with my hand in the middle), a pit bull-mastiff mix who is sweeter than honey. He is mostly afraid of cats, since my sister's cats hate him, but Widget and Monkey didn't know that and hid under the bed. Gurgles has no fear of anything except thunder, so he sauntered right out and they played together. It was pretty cute.

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