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Fitness Challenge – Week 2 – Well, that was awful.

OK, so here’s the short version.  I was bad, very very bad……

So there is my goals.

1 – Get to the Gym 4 days during the week and run on Saturday. - Complete

2 – Take my lunch 3 of 5 working days (save $$ and calories)
– Not Complete.  I made my lunch 3 days, but forgot it and then went out out with ‘the group” and got a curry.

3 – Stay under my calorie allotment as calculated 5 days a week
not even close.  I was under 3 days, maybe, and on the days I was over, I was way over..

4 – Be in bed by 11:00 PM Sunday – Wednesday
Complete (Does 11:05 count?)

How did you do?  Did you reach 1, 2, all your goals?  Did you meet any of them? 

If yes, GREAT!!!  Reward yourself with a new album from iTunes, a book for your Kindle, or some quiet time with a loved one, or your family, either one.

If not (like me), then what?  We have 7 weeks left, that’s almost two months of trying hard, getting better, learning discipline, and making progress.  So what if I’m up 5 pounds in the last month, that changes today.  I know what puts the weight on and I know what takes it off.

Do we quit? –NO

Do we get discouraged – HELL NO!

Do we wallow in self-pity/  - OH HELL NO!!!

What do we do? 

We make one change today.  And we make it now. 

We get up off the couch and go for a walk.  I don’t care if it’s noon or midnight, you get your sunscreen or your flashlight and you get out.  You bundle up and go.  Just 20 minutes, but you do something.  ANYTHING to get the blood flowing a little (and no, THAT) doesn't count.

Do something today.  Order a salad instead of a burger, buy non-fat instead of 2% milk, buy 5 extra apples and take one a day to work.  We are not going to change everything overnight, but we can change one thing now. 

Report in if you’d like or link us to your own post about your success and your struggle.

7 weeks till race day and we can do it, we can change, one decision at a time.

And, I'm sticking with my goals for another week.  Today is Day 31 all over again.

Next week we discuss Diet Rebellion or, "How I know better but keep eating anyway."

Here's a painfully detailed account of my week, it's not exciting, mostly just for me, but read if you like

Monday – not a bad day, 108 calories under budget, and a 40 min run

Tuesday –Forgot to log my dinner calories, I’m sure I was over.  I was “under” enough to have a Golden Spoon yogurt (so so so yummy), but then I got home to surprise birthday cake and ice cream.  I couldn’t refuse, seriously, I couldn’t.

Wednesday –Not horrible, but another yogurt, but another 40 min run

 Thursday – OK, this is where is seriously begins to fall apart.  I had a 1500 calorie breakfast.  OMGOSH!!!  I can’t believe I let her talk me into the peanut butter French toast with Bacon and a scrambled egg, and orange juice.  Add this to a “regular” lunch which I forgot to write down, 10   pieces of chocolate (dang that Halloween candy) and a follow-up slice of cake and ice cream and I was over my daily allotment before I even got home for dinner.  Even with my run in the morning.  Without that, yikes.

Friday – A team meeting hosted by me, so I had to get in to the office early, no run, no swim, nothing.  Breakfast for the team was fruit (good) muffins (iffy), and extra biscotti for me while picking up muffins (bad), a couple of cookies as I got the afternoon plate ready, and Chinese food for lunch, and another cookie or two in the afternoon.  A total disaster nutritionally and THEN I want to a Halloween party thrown by the “Church Friend” and had too much incredible chicken pasta, 1 strawberry filled cupcake, several pumpkin bars, some nuts, and well, I’m just ashamed at that point.

Saturday –  OK, I redeemed myself with a 10 mile run on Saturday, but that can only undo so much.  And the candy at the youth dance didn’t help matters much.

Sunday – Light breakfast, cheese and crackers snacks at choir practice, and an extra helping of home-made lasagna and 2 slices of pie, NONE of which was written down, put me at the end of the week UP 3 pounds.  


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