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A bed time story

once upon a time, there was a fair maid with a dark prince.
He took her to the woods in search of pain, and found it in her arms as she tied her to the largest tree in the forest. with his large knife he strips her bare, piece by piece, until her soft flesh is exposed to the forest.
he stood before her and teased her with his large sword. her essence began to drip down her thighs and he kicked her feet apart with his large boots. Forest animals gathered and, with tender tongues, tasted her sweetness. A small forest doe, with long soft tongue, brought her to her first climax and the fair maid hung her head in shame, but her body betrayed her and she spread further for the next in line.
A bear cub, rougher, stronger sniffed at her wonton lips, nuzzling his warm nose deep between her cleft. with surprising subtley, he lapped at her like warm honey and the tongue, built for digging deep in to dangerous hives, entered her and brought her to shame again, and then again as her copious honey flowed.
her wrists were red as she pulled against her restraints, but the dark prince now bare and magnificently hard, watched and smiled at her pleasure.
He whispered quietly and the bear snorted in frustration but back away, her body felt empty, but he filled her with a single stroke and took her breasts in hand and controlled, crushed, kneaded, and felt her every curve.
Inside her body clenched and spasmed, prepared by the animals for the true beast. but this time she let herself feel pleasure without shame and her body sent her into glorious rapture as he filled her again and again. Harder and deeper than she had ever imagined in her fevered dreams, her body melted around his hard shaft until her breasts were on fire and the ground around them drenched in pleasure.
He cut her bonds and allowed her to collapse to the soft forest floor. He rode off without a word to her, but he whispered instructions to the bear, and he waddled over, and with his dark snout, nudged her knees open again.
She smiled and enjoyed the sun on her skin as she gave in to the forest.

(I knocked this out as a bedtime story for a friend.  I hope she likes is, and I hope you liked it too.  I have a picture in minde, but I have too many people walking around to search images safely, it's one thing to type, another completely to have naked forest nymphs on my screen)

Happy hump day.
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