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Hurricane Sandy

Poor East Coast! We are all thinking of you and hoping you're okay. It looks like the bloody apocalypse...

Breezy Point in the NYC borough of Queens
I've heard between 5 and 8 million people are without power, and I'm sure the damages are already into the billions. What was it estimated, $10-20 billion?

Atlantic City boardwalk, NJ
All pictures are from this Time article, as is this excerpt:

A New York University Hospital building on East 32nd St. has lost “years” of scientific research due to the storm, one researcher told the New York Daily News. Thousands of genetically-modified mice drowned in a flood, and the hospital may have lost various special enzymes, antibodies, and DNA strands that were stored at very specific temperatures. The Daily News writes: “In one case, scientists were rolling a big freezer — the size of a big refrigerator — to an area of the hospital with emergency power.”

Poor scientists (and of course everyone else)! I can totally empathize. Losing samples and reagents is awful. I'm glad more lives weren't lost, particularly considering the emergency evacuation of the neonatal unit at NYU that had to be done with nurses hand-pumping respirators for babies. What a nightmare. Hopefully the reconstruction will be handled better than Katrina's aftermath was, and everyone can return to some semblance of normalcy soon.

In the meantime, everyone try to stay safe and warm!
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