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Well, the pills don't work all the time. But I knew that.

Last night SUCKED.

It took me hours to fall asleep, so I was probably up until about 2am or so, and then once I finally did, I had horrible nightmares. They were the old kind, with gallons of blood, being chased and screaming. Two different serial killers stalked me, one of whom was a cannibal, which I guess gets points for variety.

After those, it was just tons of people killing each other and trying to kill me, too. There was a flayed, bloodied up man's upper half sitting in a corner and staring at me with blank white eyes, little Rue from The Hunger Games getting her neck snapped by someone and then sinking lifeless with a horrible contorted and broken spine to the bottom of a pool, people being burned to death with blackened, bubbling skin and so forth.

I woke up a couple times here and there and tried to stay awake long enough that the dreams would fade, but the fatigue was so strong that it kept dragging me back under, and I could see the dream continuing even before I was fully asleep again. This went on all night.

I'd gone in the other bedroom to sleep around 1:45am because Patrick was snoring and I couldn't sleep, and after I woke up from the second round of stalking I went back to our bed in the hope that his presence would stave off more of them, but no, they just continued.

When he left to coach the Seattle Youth Symphony kids, I was so exhausted from my nightmares that I just went back to sleep, trying to get something restful out of it. My limbs were so heavy and my heart was pounding every time I'd wake up. When he got back, the dreams had turned to normal ones, so I'd gotten enough rest that I could wake up fully without feeling sick to my stomach from exhaustion.

I guess I was due for one of these. The pills I take every night have eliminated a lot of them, but not all. Fortunately I had this one on a weekend, so it didn't have a detrimental impact on my work. Ugh. I hope tonight is better.
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