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Beautiful Friday

I went out with Patrick after work yesterday and picked up my pill refill plus some nail polish. I got two shades, gold and a dark grey. They are called Nefertiti and Stormy Weather, both by Deborah Lippmann if anyone is interested. I love them! I painted my nails last night while Patrick played through some pieces on his trombone. Stormy Weather went on my toes, and Nefertiti currently graces my hands.

I tried taking a picture of my toes with the polish on them, but it is very difficult to get a flattering photograph of your own feet. I gave up. Just pretend you can see the dark grey polish on them. It's quite lovely.

An awful lot of next week is going to be dedicated to various types of therapy. Massage, physical, doctor visits, etc. I hope all this helps. I had a killer headache last night, but it finally went away. Probably stress and muscle tension. Glad that's gone.

In other news, I've discovered 750 Words, which is basically a site dedicated to getting you to write more. What about? Anything! It's free, and it's sort of fascinating. After you've written stuff, you can look at the various statistics it compiles about your writing (subject, focus, mood, etc). Some of the algorithm's conclusions are ridiculous, but that kind of adds to the fun. For example, yesterday I wrote my first three pages (that is approximately what 750 words works out to), and it informed me that I was a negative introvert who was upset about death. It exaggerated a little bit... I AM NOT UPSET ABOUT DEATH, DAMN IT! Ahem. Anyway, it gave me a chuckle. Your writings are completely private unless you choose to share them. It's an interesting idea if you're looking for something to motivate you to write more often.

Without further ado, this week's beautiful picks (click on each to be taken to its larger version):

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