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Must be Monday

Disclaimer: I'M NOT DEAD.

I've had nightmares for two nights running now, and this morning I got rear-ended by a truck.

These nightmares are the stressful, emotionally draining, exhausting kind. So when I wake up, I feel like I never slept at all. The exhaustion just permeates everything. I was covered in sweat this morning when I woke, and it felt like my sodden hair was heavy with nightmares.

I got up and got ready to go to work, then headed down Aurora (Patrick was not with me as he has a recording session today and took time off from his day job). I believe it was about 80th or so when the line of cars in front of me began moving, then stopped, and so I stopped as well. The guy behind me in the truck did not stop, and CRUNCH. I shrieked a tiny bit at the impact (I'd known a second before he hit that it was coming, as I'd glanced up to see the truck's motion in my rearview mirror and knew he was moving too fast to stop), and my body went forward, was caught by the safety lock on the seatbelt, and then slammed back into the seat. Ouch. I'm glad the headrest was there, but my head still hurts from hitting it!

I'm glad he wasn't going very quickly, probably 10-15mph at the most, and it didn't do much to my car. Apparently Civics are very resilient. The trunk still works and it's not crumpled or anything. There's just a dent in the trunk lid and some paint scratches along that and the bumper. The only thing that happened to the guy's truck was a dented license plate.

He was nice and apologetic, and we exchanged information. I'm going to try to get the car into the shop today for an estimate. He thought of more stuff than I did, namely taking pictures of the info instead of writing it all down and checking to see if the trunk still worked. I was sort of in shock, and my hands were shaking so hard I could barely type into my phone. I'm calmer now, and actually pretty impressed with myself that I didn't freak out.

Then I got back on the road and went to work. Even made it on time. I hope my cough goes away, the nightmares stop, the car is easily and quickly fixed, and the rest of this week is better!
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