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FFF - The Villa Balcony

I don't speak a lick of Russian, though I did lick a Russian once, so I didn't get any extra credit.  Nor did I tell anyone new that I loved them.  All the people I love are old.  So I played with the prime numbers.  I love the prime series, endlessly fascinating in the search for the next big one, strange that something as simple as a number drives so many mathematicians to distraction.

Each paragraph is the length of a Prime Number, each one gets longer which is a challenge for me because most of my FFF pieces end with very short punch lines.   You'll have to tell me if this one works.

I hope you had fun writing this week.  Remember to tell your friends and join in yourself next time!


Key Word  = Regret
Length = Any prime number
Extra Credit = Have the whole thing in Russian (just kidding)
Bonus Words - Tell  someone "I love you" for the 1st time this week, but bonus words must be added in Prime Number increments

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2 – Don’t go.

3 – Why Shouldn’t I?

5 – Because I love you Tess.

7 – Fuck you!  You never loved me Frank.

11 – She stepped to the balcony and continued dressing. Feeling him watch.

13 – Of course I love you.  I bought this villa for you, for us.

17 – The Sicilian air tickled her backside making her intensely aware of just how small her thong was.

19 – She paused, breathed, felt the wind ruffle her light skirt and stopped her hands from pulling the zipper closed.

23 – She looked into the courtyard and then up and saw his children playing on their balcony, blissfully unaware of their father SO near-by.

29 – She let the skirt drop to the tile, and, without turning to look at him, commanded him to make love to her. She stripped off her thong, and waited.

31 – He could hear the roar of the street, the voices of the children, his children.  He looked at her bare skin, her perfect curves, and the freshly soiled panties.

37 – His cock hardened and he stood back in the shadows and undressed.  He calculated angles, the time of day, the height of the balcony and that of his children.  He stepped forward and entered her.

41 – She gasped and spread to give him access to her dripping cunt.  He had filled her just moments before and now again, ‘O Fuck’ how she loved this man. She clenched and held his body tight.  Her climax was growing closer.

43 – The tide was turning as her voice wavered.  Thrusting, he filled her without restraint and pushed harder, his hand clasping over her mouth as her heavings became louder.  Her legs began to buckle and he thrust upward, lifting her out of her shoes.

47 – Nannies collected children, young voices faded, doors closed trying to block promiscuous noises.  His final strokes were harsh, deep, her release operatic, he pulled back her hair and came. His wife turned around and kissed him tenderly, “See, I told you we wouldn’t regret owning two apartments.”
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