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I bothered a bunch of people yesterday, and the upshot is that my accident report has been corroborated by the other driver, so there is no dispute and my insurance could go ahead and waive my deductible, along with sending out the money for the preliminary car repair estimate (they will just pay for any extra directly instead of sending it to me first). The money should turn up in 3-5 business days, and I can get my car fixed. I set up a rental car for next week, and my doctor appointment yesterday went well.

I've got some pain meds because since I had head trauma they don't want me taking anything that could increase the risk of brain bleeding (aspirin is the worst, but he didn't want me taking as much Ibuprofen as I had been, either). I had one of those last night with another muscle relaxer, and I do feel a bit better today. Not quite as much pain. Yay! I have an appointment for massage therapy next week, although hopefully they can bump me up a bit. I have a muscle knot in my back near my left shoulder blade so big and tight that the doctor could see it bulging underneath my shirt. I'm not sure how many of these appointments there will be, but hopefully they help.

In the meantime, Patrick is finally home tonight after several days of opera rehearsals, so I can have a shower and wash my hair! I will need him to either hold my head up or wash my hair for me, as it hurts to lean my head backward without holding it up with my hand, and adding soaking wet piles of hair to the mix will only make it worse.

My right shin is swollen with fluid from being rammed into the brake pedal upon impact, and the doctor suspects it's a few torn muscle fibers and a bruise right near the bone. It hurt off and on Monday right in the middle of my shin, and now it doesn't hurt, it's just swollen and strange feeling.

This is SO FUN, y'all!

I'll let you know how the therapy goes.
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