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Sometimes you've got to BE the creepy people.

You know how you'll be walking down the street (if you live or work in a city) and there'll be that weird dude who's talking to himself or wildly gesticulating at nothing? No one accosts that guy asking for donations. No one pesters him for his signature on some stupid petition. No one bumps into him because they can't be bothered to move a couple steps out of their way. Sometimes you'll see two apparently nutty people talking to each other (or yelling at the sky in tandem), but usually they're alone.

Anyway, I was remembering my sister and I going on our shopping trip downtown some time back, and how she'd mentioned that she hoped we could avoid all the creepy people we were likely to see on the streets (it was getting dark, which is when the stranger types come out in the city). I said that in order to successfully fend them off, we might have to become the weirdos our parents warned us about. We'd need to be the creepy people.

I have yet to try this, but I bet it would be hilarious if you actually had the ovaries to pull it off. Like just stare at one of those solicitors when they try to talk to you about their stupid petition, and then start giggling. Just a little bit at first, but creepily, and then laugh more and more. Stop really suddenly after about 10 seconds, stare at them with one eye open more than the other, and then walk away.

Alternatively, drool. From what I've seen of others, works every time.
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