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More thoughts on Lance Armstrong

I've said before that I held out for Lance Armstrong a lot longer than my friends.  I was skeptical, of course, but I allowed myself the fantasy that with 100's of passed tests that maybe, just maybe, the dream was reality.

it's not
it wasn't
it never was.

Now, what do I expect of Mr. Armstrong as a fan and apologist?

I expect everything.

I want him to name names, produce calendars, explain the doping, the techniques, the cocktails, the methods, the assistants, the doctors, the pharmacists, the sell-outs, the fellow-cheats, well, I expect everything.

What is the good confessing if it's still a half-assed lie?

Your reputation is in tatters already, the ONLY way, the ONLY way to salvage any of it with hard-core fans like me is to come clean with every detail, every fact, every needle, syringe, pill, infusion, donation, every crooked step on this very crooked mile.

Go beyond apology and help solve the problem for the sport itself.

Help EVERY agency understand the medicine behind your doping, help them design new tests to catch other cheats, and tell everyone everything you know, and then get your doctors to do the same.

And, dude, start writing checks.  Pay back the libel judgement, pay back your sponsors, donate to the Floyd Landis defense fund and start cutting checks to everyone you lied to crushed, fired, sued, attacked, defamed, or cheated.  If you end up broke, that's fine.  You'll write a book, a true book this time, and you'll make it all back, because Lance?

That is the book I want to read.
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