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Flash Fiction Friday Instructions

Hello Everyone!!

As we try to get FFF (Flash Fiction Friday) back up and running again, I've been getting questions about how it works, so here is my shot at doing just that.....

These instructions are also posted permanently HERE!

  1. Each week, usually on Sunday, but sometimes as late as Wednesday, I will post the prompt that sets the tone for coming Friday's post.  The post will be titled something like FFF- Prompt - Date.  
  2. The prompt post consists of a picture, a keyword or phrase, a word limit, and sometimes "extra credit" that really is just for fun.  (The whole thing is just for fun, remember that.)
  3. You come to my page and see the prompt.  The easiest way to get it is to follow me in Blogger, add me to your blog roll so you see it when it posts.  Here is an example.  Here is another
  4. Go to your own blog and create a new post, usually with "FFF" or "Flash Fiction" in the title along with a date and some hint to what the piece is about. 
  5. To get the picture, right-click on the picture in my post and select Copy Link Location.
  6. Go to your post and click on the icon to add a picture, select "From a URL", paste in the URL, and the picture should appear in your post.
  7. Most people then type in the keyword/phrase, word limit, and "extra credit"so their readers know what is going on.  For great examples, follow the links at the bottom here
  8. Then, write what ever comes to you.  Most entries will be a little sexy, some very sexy, some sad, dark, happy, goofy, silly, dangerous, lonely, sensual, it goes all over the map.
  9. The idea for FFF is that we all start with common elements (Picture, Keyword, word limit) but come out with drastically different stories.  That is why it is so much fun.
  10. Schedule your post to publish on Friday.  Most people schedule it for the morning to maximize readership.
  11. My post goes up at 12:01 AM Friday morning, California Time.  I know that for many people, this is inconvenient since their Friday has started hours before (Sorry Europe).
  12. After my post goes up, come back to my post (at a time convenient for you, don't wake up at 3:00 AM or anything), and add your link to the "link collector".

  13.  Click on the "Add Your Link" button.
  14. Enter the link to your post:
    For example:
  15. Enter your name as you want it to appear
  16. Add your e-mail (required, but not displayed)
  17. Click "Submit Link" and you are done.
  18. You name (as you entered it) will appear on the list, others will click on it, read it, give you praise and love, and then you will tweet about it to all of your Twitterverse friends. (or not).
  19. THEN!!!  Go and read the other entries, leave pithy and thoughtful comments, be supportive, give praise, and, above all else, be nice.  You will enjoy them all.
  20. And then go tell your friends about it.

 As always, if these instructions don't make sense, or if you have another question, PLEASE write me an e-mail if you have any questions at
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