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FFF Prompt for Jan 18 - Frantic

So here we go, one for the 'other side'.

I was asked to feature something besides beautiful naked women (a request that still baffles me) so based the submission from a loyal friend, here is this weeks prompt.

Key Word:  Frantic
Word Limit:  234
Extra Credit:  Involve something from quantum theory or Martha Stewart's latest cookbook.  (And I hope you know that most the extra credit is just me messing with you all.... but now that I write it.......I like it)

I have a great time picking pictures, thinking about FFF,a and encouraging others to join in.  If we are to make it work, we've got to make it grow!!

Please let your friends and followers know that we are trying to keep FFF afloat!  I love it, and I want others to love it too!
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