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It is COLD!

I had lunch with my beloved Madame today, and it was wonderful as always. Thank you for coming all that way, Maman!

It is chilly as hell here. I took some photos of our back porch. This Blogger app won't let me give the pictures captions or tell it what order to put them in, but two of them are of the mat outside our back door. I went out a little bit ago to give some water to the fuchsia I'm trying valiantly to keep alive in our shed, and it was like an ice rink out there. I kinda wished I had crampons...

Anyway, I tried to bang some of the ice off the mat, and it wasn't having it, as you can see in the pictures. The ice just broke up a bunch and now it's chunky. Hardly any of it came off, despite repeat bangings. The other picture is just of the deck itself, so you can appreciate how frozen it STILL is even after an entire day's worth (admittedly puny up here) of sunshine. Brrr!

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