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FFF - Frantic - Jan 18

His mind scrambled to make sense of anything, he just needed one fact, something familiar, something that wasn't complete chaos. The last thing he was sure of was the sound of her husband’s voice booming through the bedroom door as she frantically pushed him toward the fire escape. She began throwing clothes out the window but they vanished as they crossed the plane between inside and outside. With a flash of released energy, they vanished and he was left naked on the cold metal stairs.

Frantic - 234
He was unsure of his direction, location, , or velocity, all he knew is that he had to pick one, change one, and increase the other. He ran straight toward the brick wall, determined to tunnel through it and he felt his skin, muscle, and bone rearrange themselves as he passed through the solid rock and into the arched pathway that created itself for his escape.

He wondered if he was dreaming but the pain in his feet and the sound of the pursuing car convinced him that the threat was real. His eyes searched for a black door, a hole in the tunnel wall and it pulled him like gravity towards it. He entered and it went dark as he felt his way around the boxlike enclosure. Trapped like a cat, he was unsure if he was dead or alive, he would find out when the door re-opened. (234)
~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

With my sincere apologies to
Schrödinger,Heisenberg and Planck, I had to try the quantum theory approach.  The only sexy thing about it was his starting location, but after that, it's just a bad episode of Jumper.  :-)

So, let's try one more time.

“Candice!” He yelled as he waited impatiently, “where’s my dinner?”

“Make it yourself!” She yelled from the living room, “I’m tired.”

“What am I supposed to eat,” he said, petulant, “I’m hungry.”

“If you’re hungry,” her voice changed tone,” I have something you can eat.”

He turned and looked at his young bride; she had beautiful eyes, deep blue and as stormy as the sea. They had a rocky relationship but the sex was good in the cooking was great, but both depended on the mood of the moment too much for his liking.

His tummy rumbled, “If I do you right will you make me dinner?”

“If you do me right, I’ll make you anything you want.” She peeled her green T-shirt off and dropped it to the floor, her black & pink panties were next and she took him by the hand.

She stripped him down quickly and rubbed his head and laughed, “I love how smooth you are.”

He slipped his hand between her legs and said the same thing.

Their coupling was frantic and fast and he came quickly, filling her, but leaving her hanging.

“All right then, he” he said as he pulled on his pants, “Make me dinner.”

Scowling, she followed him into the kitchen and opened a drawer, “How about Mac & Cheese?”


She grabbed for his cock and brandished the knife, “How about with sausage?

Punch lines are difficult, but I hope this worked a little.  I laughed when I wrote it.
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