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FFF 12-7-12 - Decisions, Decisions

Her weight rested on the wall and she felt the bumps of the orange peel surface against her shoulder.

It’s just once she, she repeated, It’s just once. 

She watched her fingertips brush the paint, tried not to feel his eyes on her tits, her damp bush, tried not to think about what it meant. Her other hand stroked her skin lightly, she stopped herself, again.

She felt it behind her belly-button, that growing need, cramp-like in its intensity, and she felt it spreading, lower, growing.  Her body was preparing. His smile, she tried to ignore that too.  

Keep a clear head!
  It’s just once and then all the problems go away 

She couldn't breathe as her throat constricted and her eyes stung, watering.  She had made the decision an hundred times, but now she was here, in his house, and the money was on the table.

It’s just once.

He stared at her though it made her nervous.  She was beautiful.  She wasn’t Victoria’s Secret, she was Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, and power chords rolled in to one.  Meeting her at the casino was fortuitous, meeting her on boys night was fate.

“It’s just once”, his poker friends chided him as they left him the car to get a cab, but he knew this decision was more.  She was youth, energy, and she needed him and was eager to please.  He could see more than just once with her, he saw the long road.

His suit made him feel old, but she made feel strong.  He would offer her a ride home, a way out, but after that, she was his.  He reached for his keys but they were gone, on the end-table with the money from card game, but then she smiled, he wouldn't need them after all.


I got this picture David Sharp from  A view from the top and I even though I had days and days to think about it, the final decision wasn’t made until Wednesday night when I found quiet time to write.

Two perspectives, totally different, polar opposites, a tragedy or comedy?  We will never know.

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