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Thoughts on Flash Fiction

I have always enjoyed writing for Flash Fiction Friday.  The pictures have been inspiring, the word challenges interesting, the whole project has made me a better writer.  A while ago our friend Panser dropped out after hosting valiantly for a while, and then Ram, the Sunlover picked it up, but he too, has gone quiet on the FFF front.  It's a lot of work and I appreciate that they took it on for so long.

While not making any promises, and in sincere need of help, I am willing to take on the hosting task.

Here is what I need help with, pictures.  Now, if you look at my Tumblr, you'll see that I have lots of pictures of beautiful women and men and women and women and women and men and women, but they are not really FFF material.  They are pretty and sexy but not necessarily "interesting."

I need interesting to make FFF work.

So here's what I will do.  If I can get 8 interesting pictures lined up, I will get them scheduled and pull up with the challenge phrase and word counts.  I think we can get it going again and I'll make the effort if you will.

Please send me pics or links or Tumblr ideas or your favorite what ever so that we can get started.  I really think that I'd prefer to get individual pictures that you as authors and viewers would like to work on.  if you send me a Tumblr link (which is fine) then I'll have to go through it and pick, but if you send me something you like, it will work better.

So help me!  And FFF will rise again.

And, to Panser or Ram, if you feel like I'm stepping on your turf, please let me know.
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