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Songwriting continues

I've got two so far. I was working on the second one last night before the cold meds really took effect, and managed to revise it a bit. I'm still not any good at rhyming, but I don't think I care... I'll try to figure out some music for this second one. The first one only has a melody, nothing else, and I've got to flesh that out, too. There is so much work involved! Now that our piano is tuned, I can use it to help me decide how the songs should go.

I had a dream that told me if I wanted to write songs, I had to do it while sitting at the piano. Sometimes my brain is very straightforward about stuff. Like when I was little and sucked my thumb. I used to carry around a clean cloth diaper and tickle my nose with it while I sucked my thumb, and that was a lovely combination. My mom wanted me to stop, so she asked me how she could get me to do that, and I told her to take away my diaper. If she did that, I would stop. So she did, I did, and that was it, no fussing or anything. Maybe my brain's got the right idea about songwriting now.

It's hard for me to write songs about happy stuff. Usually I get them coming to me when I'm in the grip of huge emotional waves, and those tend to be negative, so I get writings full of blazing anger and despairing darkness. Maybe if I tried writing while hypomanic I'd end up with more positive stuff? I don't know. Anyway, it's not like anything really tangible has come of this yet. I just thought I'd let y'all know that I'm working on it, and my musical project has not been forgotten.
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