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Almost everything in my house has the sniffles

Except Patrick and Widget, who both feel better. Now it's Monkey, Gurgles and myself. This cold hasn't progressed into anything worse, it's just lingering a bit. Monkey and Gurgles both have a cold that they caught from Widget. Who knows where she got it... Kitty colds are just so pitiful. Monkey will sneeze a couple times, sniffle a little, then look at me with overwhelming sadness like she can't believe I'm letting such a thing happen to her. Sigh. Gurgles is obviously ill, judging by the exponential decline in how much he's airborne during the day. Poor sick kitties.

I'm so looking forward to this three-day weekend and then a week-long break the week of Thanksgiving. Our entire household could use some rest and relaxation. I really hope we aren't all still sick when the holiday rolls around. Probably won't be... *knock on wood*
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