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A birthday story (Part One)

“I don't know what to say,” she fiddled with the end of the heavy fork, tapping lightly on this intricately patterned china. She folded her arms across her chest, unfolded them, looked out the window, looked back at him, brought them to the table, clasped her fingers together and shrugged her shoulders.

“Then don't say anything.” He said just sit there. He looked at her, knowing that it made her uncomfortable. He sat upright in his chair his suit jacket hung on his shoulders as if the designer had him in mind when it was made. It was actually off the rack, but under the hands of a good tailor he was as comfortable in this suit as he was in shorts and a T-shirt. He stared at her. She had beautiful eyes, luscious hair and soft skin.

"Why are you staring at me?" She asked.

"I'm trying to decide what to do with you." He let his eyes trace her face. Well manicured eyebrows, expert makeup, appropriate for her age and a cute, quick smile, a her beautiful neckline led into a full cleavage that he had fantasized about for many weeks.

"I we going to order dessert or not?” She tried, but failed to hide a smile at the innuendo.

With a subtle gesture, the waiter was called over and she came scurrying. He pulled the Mont Blanc pen out of his pocket, signed quickly, added a generous tip, and stood. He extended his hand and she came to her feet feeling the intensity of his stare and feeling a little unsteady on the shoes that he had purchased for her.

"You look lovely tonight. I hope you appreciated my taste."

"Everything is beautiful, and it fit perfectly.”

She took his hand and felt his warmth. His hands were dry, confident, strong, not at all like her husbands, and she wondered what they would feel like pinning her wrists above her head. She imagined what he would feel like on top of her, inside her, controlling her gently. He took her by the arms and escorted her to the front or the restaurant where the maître d' shook his hand, wish them a good night and said goodbye to him by name.

“Andrew is an excellent manager,+ he said, “he's done wonders with this place.”

“It is a lovely spot.” She said “I just wish they had a wider selection of organics and seafood.”

"We'll have to see what we can do for next time."

She smiled at phrase ‘next time’ but wondered what he could do about the menu. Maybe he had done something with his money after all.

They left the restaurant and walked across the busy parking lot to the small, but exclusive stores set back in a grove of disconcertingly real plastic trees.

They window shopped for a few moments, making small talk about the expensive watches, the overpriced jewelry, and wondered aloud how anyone could spend $200 for a pair of jeans that were indistinguishable from the finest that Walmart had to offer.

“People don't understand value" he said as his hand slipped down her back across her waist line only to end up caressing her buttocks. "They have to know what they want, and what they are looking for."

She was shocked that he would be so bold after being the perfect gentlemen over dinner, but she enjoyed the attention. Her husband never gave her the time of day, and though they loved each other and despite the fact that she was still sexually attracted to him, it was not enough and she thrived on the new friends she had made. They stopped gazing at overpriced clothing for young people and turned the corner. A lingerie shop, small and intimate had a warm glow from candles places in the window.

“Are those real candles?” she asked, surprised to see open flame in a darkened window.

As she gazed at the dancing flames, a young raven haired beauty came to the door and unlocked it. Opening it slightly she looked at them.

"Mr. Anders?

He nodded, she nodded, and she pushed the glass door wide and let them in. "Welcome to La Perla, I hope you enjoy your shopping."

The store was dark but as they wandered through, their young host moved through the store with grace and added just enough light for them to see the beautiful merchandise. An adorable little redhead came out from the back room with some fresh brewed coffee and some biscuits and set them down on the table. ""Are we ready to begin?"

As she poured the coffee for the two guests she introduced herself, "my name is Delray," and yes, there is a story behind it but we will tell that another day."

She gestured toward the other girl who was busy adjusting merchandise on the on a shelf. "Her name is Lana, she is your fitting expert. I trust her with everything I wear, you can do the same."

It was obvious when Delray turned around that all of her clothes fit perfectly. Dana was staring at the younger girls, unsure as to what would happen next, she suspected that this was his reward for taking her out. But when he looked over at him he had not even noticed the younger girls and their beach-fresh beauty. He was looking only at her. She immediately felt her body respond, and she gasped.

"How would you like to do this Mr. Anders?"

Lana stepped over and checked her lipstick in the large mirror. She admired herself in the large mirror, smoothed her blouse, and turned to address “We can find things for you to try on, we can model them for you, or we can do a combination of both." She took Dana by the hand and helped her to her feet. “Let's move you to the place of honor.” And she was taken to a small semicircular room just a few feet off the sales floor,

"I'll break the ice," Lana said., She unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it onto the bench before anyone could protest. There is no doubt that she was beautiful,. “I am wearing the chrysanthemum line from the spring show 1988, a classic and still one of our best selling bras."

Her fingertips traced the edge of the silk across her full, but not oversized breasts. Dana ’s eyes were drawn to her fingernail as they traced against the flesh and then the silk that barely contained her breasts.” We have re-created the chrysanthemum line for this year with all new fabrics.” Now both hands cupper her curves and she caressed her breasts with love.

She took Dana ’s hand and put on her breast, right on the material that held her "It's okay,” she whispered for all to hear, I want you to feel how nice it is."

Dana had barely caught her breath when Lana backed up allowing DelRay to step forward similarly undressed from the waist up. Her bra was sheer black and more subtle on her smaller frame. Dana’s eyes were drawn to the perfectly pink nipples at the center of the cup.

"It's okay to touch them. I want you to know what Mr. Anders is looking for."

Dana blushed deeply as the younger girl spoke so boldly, so knowingly about what planned for her. She turned to look for him was, trying to find comfort in unfamiliar territory, he was gone. She stood alone with two beautiful half naked women who wanted her to try on lingerie for him to remove. They were so brazen, so knowing, that she felt lost, aroused, and fell completely under their control.
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