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First Day Surprise....

Today is my first day at a new job.  I'm here now, in fact, typing away with naughty thoughts in my head since they don't have a computer for me yet, my desk isn't set-up, and everyone else is in meetings or on phone calls.  I've never come across that does the "1st Day" better than my old company.  I can count on one hand the number of times a new employee didn't have everything set-up for their first day, a new company ID, a computer (even if they got upgraded later), and at least access to the basic files.  That was one thing we were very good at.  Oh well.....

A dear friend of mine, her name witheld by request, wrote to wish me luck and, as a 1st day gift, wrote a little story for me, so a big thank you for bringing a smile to my face.

I actually started reading this on my phone as I changed to shower after my workout at the gym.  Things started "stirring" so I had to put my phone down quickly and read it later. 

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did.


I've told you I'll be at the mountain house all afternoon waiting for deliveries, and it would be nice if you could stop by for a walk through the woods on your way home from work. You arrive and knock on the door--no answer, but the sliding patio door is open. Hmm, you think maybe I'm playing games...or maybe I really didn't hear you. But you're not going to stand outside like a dope, so you quietly walk in.

You hear the shower running, but you wait on the couch like a good boy. The minutes tick by and you're getting impatient, "What's taking her so long?", you wonder, then the picture pops into your head. Me. In the shower. The hot steamy wetness all around me, water streaming over my upturned face, running down in rivulets between my breasts, down my legs.

You imagine me soaping myself, massaging around my full breasts, lingering a little bit on my nipples. You begin to feel a stirring between your own legs as you think of me soaping my pussy, bare and soft as I've described it to you, now slippery under my fingers. You imagine me sliding my fingers between my lips, starting to massage my clit, and you feel yourself harden, squeezing your cock through your trousers.

You think, "She wants you in that shower with her, so she can get on her knees and suck your cock under the shower, she wants you to take her right there, to turn her around and fuck her from behind, grabbing her hips, giving it to her deep."

But you know you can't actually do that, shouldn't do that. Your mind flashes back to the picture of her sucking your now rock hard cock, holding her head and going deeper and deeper into her mouth, hearing and feeling her moan because she loves giving head, and wants to taste your hot cum in her mouth.

It would be so easy, you think, just walk in and get in that shower with her.


No! Don't go
Your mind argues with your head, now pulsing as you walk to, and stand outside the bathroom door.

Suddenly, you hear the shower door swing shut, jarring you back to reality, and you return to your place on the couch.

Oh well, too late, you sigh, that moment's gone. But wait....I come out to greet you, glowing and rosy from the steam, wearing a cozy terry robe and a warm smile.

Another opportunity? Hmmm.

Remember, it pays to be bold.

I wouldn't have waited so long to get a job if I knew this was waiting for me at the end....
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