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Fitness Challenge!!

This is NOT a fitness blog, but I want to throw out a goal for myself and challenge some of my friends. I have a dear friend who's facing a health issue, others who are just trying to get back in to shape, others who are in shape but just need some group motivation.  Since I'm king of the short attention span, I'm suggesting a short (60 day) fitness/health challenge.

If you want to follow along, do it, if you don't, don't.  You can add comments to out yourself as trying of you can keep it to yourself.  I'm going to try and blog about my progress on a weekly basis starting a week from tomorrow.

I'm focusing on keeping my workouts going as I start my new job and and in doing some research reading on health issues.  So, as a break from writign my fabulous sex life (insert maniacal laughter here), I'll make Monday the day all my horny friends can skip.  Even though, the better you are at cardio, flexibility, and holding your breath, the better you are in bed.

SO!  Here's the deal.  Our goal is December 15.  60 Days

Find something on that day, a race, a fundraiser walk, a hill you want to climb (so you can have sex on top), a river you can swim naked in, or a marathon sex session, find something that will be physically challenging and something that you can prepare for.  Masturbating on a daily basis does not count as training, though you do want to build up the proper calluses so you don't get injured on the 15th.

I'm going to be looking for a race.  A friend of mine is doing a 5K on that day.  That's a good start.

But find something! I'm excited about it and will have all the details in place for next Monday's post (not tomorrow, that's a special post for a friend)

Some ideas...

  • body fat % (now and in 60 days)
  • Weight
  • Clothing size
  • workout a certain number of days between now and then
  • % of days worked per week
  • finish a 1k, a 5k, or a 10K for the first time
  • avoid chocolate/cheese/bread/broccoli for ____ days per week.
  • get more sleep (we all need this one)
Any of these can be goals, and they are goals you pick for yourself.  I love all my readers and I want you healthy and happy and talking dirty to me for a long long time.

Get your ideas together and I'll post my goals next Monday, but you know, I'm going to start on them tomorrow!!!
(I'd normally add some pictures of hot women at the gym for a post like this, but my kids are running all over the place....)
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