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Tell Me
Tell me the good stuff
Tell me that he stripped you bare
Tell me that he made you kneel
Tell me that he filled you

Tell me that he made you cum
Tell me that he made you sweaty and wet
Tell me that you followed my commands
Tell me that you held yourself open for him, and that he used you well.
Tell me that you thought of me.
Tell me that you cried out my name
Tell me, and then tell me again.

She read my post and responded, and gave me permission to share

I arrived wearing a sleeveless red dress, 3 inch high wedge sandals, a lace thong and braless

The shoes put us at the same level and our lips hungrily found each other

We stood kissing, hands roaming, bodies grinding 

His hands wandered under my dress, under my thong and made me cum

He led me to the bedroom, unbuttoned his jeans and shoved his cock into my mouth while I sat on the edge of the bed

After sufficient sucking, he turned me around and slid his hard cock against my dripping cunt

He entered and fucked me from behind, with me at the perfect height in my heels

Next I was kneeling on the edge of the bed with him sinking into me balls deep, with a pounding rhythm

Later our clothes came off and he got on top of me on the bed, with my legs bent back by my ears

It was sweaty, it was hot, it was slippery sex

He went down on me more than once, in between fucking in many positions

I was used, I was spent and he came on my stomach

Then I finally had a chance to take my shoes off   (isn't that the best line of the day?)

(And I think of you more than you realize)
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