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30 minutes

What can I say in the 30 minutes of quiet that I have?

30 minutes that should be spent job hunting or doing laundry or cleaning the kitchen or sitting out on the patio listening to the rain.  Instead, I'll think of other things.

I'll think of the antebellum voice I miss hearing
I'll think of the firey one who's going to meet her BF tonight
I'll think of my fitness girl who's on vacation
I'll think of my runner and her birthday present.
I'll think of my stripper and her lovely Twitter account
I'll think of my friend who sits at the side of a dying husband
I'll think of my artist who is facing big decisions but finding new courage to make them
I'll think of my wife and how sexy she looked in the shower, and how little I could do about it
I'll think of my daughter's math teacher and how her voice would sound at orgasm
I'll think of my daughter's friend who is no longer a little girl
I'll think of my church friend and how my text and her glowing screen made a mess of things
I'll think of the hot latina at Social Services and wonder if she'll be my councilor
I'll think of the married attorney who wants me to fuck her, but won't meet me for lunch
I'll think of the bloggers we all miss and how I should have acted when I had the chance

I'll think of many things, many people, and I will harden, smile, and.....

Well, it sure beats looking for work.

Have a wonderful (rainy for me) Wednesday

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