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Good News - Bad News

Bad News:
I'm about to lose 12 hours of blogging time.
I will be on a secure computer that doesn't allow anything fun.
I will be in a cubical, with windows, no door, and no privacy.
I will have to keep my pants up ALL DAY.
I will1 be with 1 gay man, one sexually ambiguous woman, and one boss.
I will have a beastly long commute
I will have little time for play once I get home.
I won't be able to pursue my consulting practice, the NBA, or professional football.
It will reduce the amount of time i have for networking (and I kind of like that, surprisingly.)
it will cut in to my gym time.

Good news:
I got a 6-month contract offer on Monday.
I will get paid for 6-months
It is in a field that will be good for my resume.
It is real project management work.
I can, and will, be taking all my documentation with me at the end for other jobs.
I am getting 20% more money than I expected because I found them directly, and not through an agency.
I will get paid.
I have a laptop that has very good wi-fi.
I like books on tape and "This American Life"
My computer has voice recognition software, so I can drive, write, and eat breakfast all while checking tweets, sending texts, and watching for sigalerts all at once. 
I will get out of the house every day.
I won't have time to obsess over my favorite blog.
I will find all sorts of good Asian restaurants.
I will learn new things, write many documents, strengthen my resume.
I will get paid (did I say that?)
It is easier to get a job when you have a job.  All job seakers repeat after me.

I should be grateful, I AM grateful to get a paycheck again.

But I have discovered that I don't like working all that much. 
I'm not sure if I like learning that.
I'll try to write as much as I can before I start work.
I fear for my schedule.
I fear losing contact with you all.
I get paid.  And sometimes that trumps all.

So it's good news, really.  I promise.


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