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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

In the interest of saving time, getting a post up, and, and well, being lazy, as today's post you are getting a copy of a letter I sent to a friend of mine. It captures the soaring grandeur that is my life these days.....


Dear ___________

Lots of Great Sex sounds great!  (She's on vacation with a new BF, so it's the honeymoon phase where he hasn't seen her fart yet) I had a little great sex two weeks ago and it was fantastic, well, what I can remember of it, most of it was in a dream with a dragon, two gallons of paint, a midget, and Meg Ryan's evil twin.  It was great!!! 

How's life? 
Life continues apace.  School starts next week, the girls are all registered, Wife is freaking out a bit on their schedule (2 AP classes for D1, + 2 honors + Cross Country).  We are in the middle of painting their bedroom before school starts.  8 months of unemployment and this is my first project.  I didn't know this but, apparently, you have to buy new comforters, pillow shams, dust ruffles, and show pillows in order to re-paint.  I just thought you needed paint.

Home - SUCKS.  Wife has decided to take over the process so we are discussing smaller and smaller details of my job hunt and  my day and it's getting on my nerves.  I need to work at Wal-Mart or something, just to get out of the house.   And, we haven't had sex in three weeks.  Well, she hasn't.  My shower head and I are engaged.  I think that makes me a bigamist, because I'm also dating my right hand.  And my phone.  And Tumblr.

Job Hunt - Had great interviews at a company at an undisclosed location, then found out that 6 people, including the CIO, with whom I interviewed, were fired a week later.  So that job is either a hot stinking mess of poo, or, as the optimist says, there are 7 open positions.  I had a good meeting yesterday with a woman at the company where my sister works about the job this lady used to have.  It is in the training department, a bit too close to my sister's job, and would involve travel (yeah), and is all about training people on project management. So, as soon as I finish writing to you (and, BTW, i just put 20 redheads in my tumblr queue - DAMN, why can't i get you out of my mind (i don't really want to, I like you there, and yes, my cock gets hard when i think about you)) I am doing an on-line application and I might actually have a shot at getting it, I don't know.  Other job prospects are coming and going with some phone interviews and lots of dashed hopes.  Severance package runs out in 21 days.  Shit.  

On another good job note, I met some really nice people at a networking even and one of them actually passed my name on to someone who is hiring and i have an interview next week.  THAT is how networking is supposed to work.

Fun?  Well, I'm running a lot, I'm back down to 200 pounds, we went to a comedy club two nights ago and laughed our asses off.  i got a call from a friend of mine and i voice-fucked her to orgasm 4 times in 15 minutes.  It is so fun when she has the apartment to herself.  She had just gotten out of the shower so I had her walk toward the living room.  In the hallway I had her drop to her knees and cum, fingers only.  Then it was one bent over the back of the couch, then on the floor (toys allowed) arching on her shoulders and heels (which were up on the couch), and then one standing in the middle of the living room as I described a 4-way fantasy I have about her.  It was nice, and high on the "fun" list. 

And now I'm going to watch this and then get to "work."  


See!  Isn't recycling fun!
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