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Thank you all for your getting-well wishes! My back actually feels better. It was pretty awful Friday and most of Saturday, but after liberal application of heat and meds it started getting better. It only hurts now if I clench my muscles really tightly, and it's no longer painful to walk around or bend down, get up, whatever. So glad! That was just horrid. I felt incredibly old.

On another note: just a few snaps I took around the yard while it wasn't raining. This is before Patrick mowed, so it looks less overgrown now, but you get the idea. The hydrangea looks much better after we ripped the Satan Weed off of it. The rose is just out front, and it's that deep, gorgeous magenta when it blooms. The little blue spruce is our Christmas tree! It's doing very well, and all those really blue parts are new growth, about 2-3" on each small part. The maple is the little one we pulled out of a ditch last year and planted in our yard, hoping it would root. It appears to have done so, and we're so pleased about it. 

Now with 100% less Satan Weed!
These always make my eyes happy.
Christmas in July! This is a happy tree.
Doing very well after being yanked unceremoniously from a ditch.
It's about 1 1/2' tall, although you can't really see it here.

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