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Phantom Hairball

Normally we all sleep together in a pile on the bed, and last night was no different. Usually (looking from the head of the bed to the foot) Patrick's on the right, Gurgles is between his feet, I'm on the left, Widget's to my left, and Monkey's at my feet. That is a lot of bodies on one bed.

Anyway, we were all asleep when suddenly around 4am I woke up to the sound of Widget in the beginning horky throes of coughing up a hairball right next to my head. I was barely awake, so all I had time to think was Widget... NO, OFF! My sleepy self decided the best way to avoid a hairball on the face was to shove her off the bed, so I did that with one arm, and then flailed around with it making sure she wasn't on the night stand about to throw up all over my phone.

Patrick woke up partially at some point around here. It's hard to sleep through simultaneous puke noises and wife flailing, even for him.

I came to a bit more and went out to the kitchen to get some paper towels, as I was sure by the sound of it she'd splattered hairball all over the wall or something, and coming back in I told Patrick to close his eyes so I could turn on the light without blinding him. I looked around for a while on my hands and knees and nothing, so I went around the house looking for where she might have dumped it. No hairballs anywhere.

Either being shoved off the bed interrupted her hairball progression and it never happened at all or there is something unpleasant waiting for me somewhere...
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