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Saturday noise

He's a nice kid, sweet really, bright, respectful, even cleared his plate of peaches after asking nicely for a snack, but DAMN that kid is loud, and after 3 hours of playing with my boy, it was nice to see his dad pull up the driveway.

Granted, I would have preferred to see his mom drive up, but that's another story.  It's late and my penis has gone to sleep.

Today, in contrast to Friday, was loud.

A morning walk filled with young kids complaining, too many constructions trucks and two jack hammers within earshot.  A play date with "him" raised the ruckus in the afternoon, and starting at 2:30 an endless string of phone calls about my mother-in-law's latest slip and fall.  She's OK, a little bruised up, but once that phone chain starts, there's no stopping it.  My wife is there now, spending the night, making breakfast, being the good daughter even though two sons and one doctor live an hour closer to her than we do.

My quiet Friday ended with a bang.  We had joked about sex because I had shaved in the afternoon for a meeting so I was nice and smooth.  By the time we got dinner done, and the kids in bed, it was late, and then there was laundry and the end of Pirates 3, and a new episode of Anger Management, and suddenly we were brushing our teeth at 11:45. 

Am I locking the door?
I don't know, it's so late.
I locked it.

Lights totally out, just a sliver of a moon coming through our window, we kissed, touched, found the lube and the vibe, and got to work on her.  Fresh off her period she didn't let me do what I do best, but that was OK, GIGI was called into action and with several fingers inserted here and there, she came hard and deep.  As my fingers worked in and out, feeling the tight muscles of her body respond, I will admit to thinking about my friend's fingers doing the same thing in a video she had sent just an hour before. 

What beauty there is in the female form.  Such wonderful sounds it can make, such glorious noises and exclamations.  Quiet Friday was over at midnight, and the beautiful noise had begun.  I held both women in my thoughts as I climbed up my wife and slide effortlessly inside, wrapped her in my arms, and took my time getting to my own climax.  It was almost 1:00 when we cleaned up and drifted off to sleep. 

Saturday was off to a good start.
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